Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Madness

We were in need of some serious distractions yesterday, so we decided to go to the midnight showing of Eclipse. In order to kill time before the show we played Phase 10 and made sure to put the hospital bags in the car. I was kinda hoping I would spring into labor once we bought our tickets or something, but reverse psychology didn't work. The movie was really fun, by the way. Definately more guy friendly. But going to bed at 3:30 and waking up at lunch time messes with your mind. At least it's practice for the coming days, right??!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eviction Notice Unsuccessful

Attention: While at high adventure camp, our son learned how to tether his umbilical cord around my spinal column with a Palomar knot. He has no intention of cutting it loose, but remains in a state of utter relaxation whilst bouncing on the world's finest water bed. A Simmon's, I believe.

"Wow! You're huge! You've doubled in size!"

Yup, someone actually told me that at church. At least she had the guts to say what everyone else was only thinking. Gotta give her props for that. For now, I think I'll go have another brownie.

I was really hoping the crazy full moon and absolute WORST thunderstorm I've ever seen would've given him the nudge, but those old wives tales are only there to mess with my sanity. Eating nearly a whole pineapple didn't do it either, though I must say, it most definately contributed to my "doubling in size".

Onward to the realm of overdue! And what a marvelous journey it will be! *Loves*

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 Year Anniversary and 39 Weeks!

First off, YES I am still pregnant for all of you eagerly awaiting a phone call. I do enjoy cruel and unusual punishment on most days, but I assure you, this is one arena where I'll show some mercy *hehe*.

It was our 2 year anniversary yesterday! Yippie! And what a GREAT, HAPPY, WONDERFUL 2 years it has been! Here's how it went down in pictures...
We went to a hibachi grill for lunch called the Samuri. We were the only ones in there. Flaming onion volcano included!

Then we went to the movies...

Just for the record, a SMALL popcorn was $5.40 cents. What the...good thing we collected points from our Frosted Mini Wheats cereal boxes for a $5 voucher off of concessions! (Super nerd alert!)
Then the best part of all. Bradley made me a book full of our favorite "P.S" lines from our all of our e-mails while we were dating and engaged. They are super funny and super adorable to read. There are so many in there! It seemed we always saved the P.S. lines for those gems of truth haha. Plus, I love those pink daisies!

The surprises kept coming! Bradley made me stay out of the kitchen while he made me a secret dessert--paradise pie from Chili's! Except it was homemade and even better! He paired it with cake batter ice cream. Yeah. Go google the recipe and make your own. You'll want to explode with chocolately, gooey happiness.

I love you, Bradley!!!!!

And lastly, the 39 week shot of doom. This had better be the last one. Actually, it is the last one. Any "past due" shots just make me wanna hurl ;-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Well, life continues to be as exciting as ever here in Des Moines Iowa as we await the arrival of our new little family member. Bradley is still on break from school and is working a few hours a day in the Anatomy Lab which he really enjoys so that is good. Both of us have really enjoyed all the time that we have been able to spend together and we have done some pretty sweet stuff during this past little while. Last week Ellen suprised Bradley with the anouncement that we were going to go to a Cub's babseball game here in Des Moines! It was dollar day at the stadium so we packed up our umbrella and went off to the ball game. Bradley had never before been to a real baseball game which Ellen thought was rediculous! Here is a picture of us at the ball game.

And here is one of the giant tarp that they pulled over the field during the rain delay. It started to rain pretty hard for a while!

The baseball game was pretty fun and all of the people getting more and more drunk each inning was interesting too. Needless to say we left a little early so as to get off the road before all of them got on the road!

We also had a really fun time yesterday at the Ames Iowa Parad of Homes! Ames is a little town about 1 hour from Des Moines so we packed up our little Honda Civic and went to see some homes. We took our GPS with us but most of the homes were so new that their addresses were not in the system so we had to rely on the little map they gave us to get around. After several hours and a few instances of getting lost however we were able to see all 8 homes in the parade. Our favorite home was a 2 story house with a finished basement that had a cool family room with built in surround sound! Bradley thought it was pretty sweet! The only bad part of the day was when we stopped for lunch at a little pizza place and it was not very good at all! Ellen claims that the sauce on her pizza tasted like windex! So we got some skittles and giant chewy sweet tarts to make up for it and all was well!

In other news we have officially found someone to move into our apartment on the 22 of July so that we can move to our new place! We are so excited to move to a nicer place with our own washer and dryer and save some money at the same time! Other than that we are just excited as can be to have our little one come (Ellen most of all obviously!) It will be great to have him here and to start out on a brand new adventure!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Hello June! Bradley's been out of school for a week, so we've had a party! We've been swimming, garage sale "hopping", walking around random places, driving random places, eating. Eating some more. Getting things ready for our potential move/baby. Always baby, baby, baby. That's all we've got on the brain lately. And everyone take note of the countdown ticker on the side! Do you see that??? Less than a month! What?! Here's us at our complex pool. Don't worry, we had sunscreen on. And this totally counts as my 36 week shot (and probably more pasty skin than you care to see, but we were having a blast)!

And here's Bradley playing boy scout. He tried to use his shirt as a "floatation device".

And last of all, here's the new addition to our family. A new brown microfiber chair for our living room thanks to Craigslist. Yes, I'm a little addicted to craigslist. And it was a steal. We loved our old loveseat, but it was time to part at last. We will miss you, but the new chair is, shall we say, tastier to the back side? I think yes.