Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hola everybody! We haven't updated in ages! Today is Bradley's last day teaching Pathology and Anatomy at the hospital in Blackfoot. I think he's not THAT sad about it. He'll be done at BYU-I officially in April, so he'll need to start up a new job. He'll probably be driving for United Pipe and Supply again, if he can.
I am just trucking along with school. The whole 20 credits thing is starting to wear on me, but its worth it. I am still tutoring, and I am busier than last semester. I guess they got the word out that I was an amazing tutor or something. J/K. We are starting to look for housing in Des Moines. Its absolutely ridiculous. I don't know how we are going to move all of our stuff out there in a U-haul and tow our car behind. I am going to be very grumpy on the ride there. We will miss Rexburg a ton. Its nice to have the temple so close and live in the greatest apartment ever. Oh well. Maybe Des Moines will be the bomb. We'll see.
I thought I was done with the whole sickness thing after my emergency room visit in January, but I got a really nasty throat/cold thing. I thought I was on the homestretch. Oh well. They make some pretty fantastic cold medicine these days. I am high as a kite...almost.
Bradley and I have been trying to do some fun stuff on the weekends. For Valentines Day we went to Idaho Falls and stayed at a hotel and went to Ruby River and watch Brian Regan videos. Last weekend we went to a school thing called Extravadance and then went to Chili's. It was way fun. We also try and hit Coldstone often. I think I'm hungry or something. Tootles.