Friday, August 27, 2010

Bradley vs. Doug

Back in one of my psychology classes, I heard that people often marry people who are similiar to one of their parents, i.e. females marry men like their fathers and males marry women like their mothers.
Sound weird? Well, here are some obscure similarities between Bradley and my dad.
Homemade Rootbeer.
Heinz 57.
Rib-eye steak.
Corn on the cob (in massive quantities, if available).
Popcorn at the movies (the movie doesn't matter so much as long as there's a treat involved and its half entertaining).
Salad (especially from a salad bar).
Chips and Dip (French Onion and Fresh Salsa).
Claussen Pickles.
Buffalo Wings.
Cook more than their wives (and probably grocery shops).
Wear Sunday socks with shorts.
Semi-lame jokes (actually, they are pretty funny).
Late 90's/early '00 sitcoms.
Top off the gas tank and shake it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Little Something About Oli

Every weekday morning after Bradley's goes off to school, Oliver and I just lounge around until we feel like waking up and getting dressed. He holds my hand and makes faces, doses in and out of sleep, growls, and coos. Its during these moments that I get little glimpses into his future personality...

Personality hint #1-Future Ladies Man

Personality hint #2-Future Philosopher

Personality hint #3-Future "Eat Mom and Dad out of house and home, including the sheets."

Personality hint #4-Future Sneakster

Personality hint #5-Future Right-hand Man

Personality hint #6-Future Sweetheart (Yeah, Mama's boy...)

I want him to stay right where he is, but I can't wait to see who he turns into. I feel like I'm caught in a wonderful and unsure place. Motherhood rocks.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bradley's Birthday Bash

Welp, Bradley is officially over the mid-twenty hump. That's right, he's 26! Hip Hip Hurray! Here's how the party went down...

First, after a great night's sleep thanks to Oli (no joke), Bradley decided that we needed donuts for breakfast! Three cheers for donuts!

For lunch we tried a new borrito place called Panchero's (kinda like Chipotle only they make the tortillas from dough right in front of you and mix the stuff in your borrito) and then the party started! Two things I couldn't resist:

One, I saw this Star Wars birthday banner at the store. Need I say more?

And then a party hat for Oliver!

Then it was time for some gifties and a Jello cheesecake (by special request)! When I first asked Bradley what he wanted gift wise, he immediately said he wanted a...


And a new SHOWER HEAD!! We went to Lowe's and picked it out special!

He also got a new tennis raquet! (Shout out to Nathan and Shaleena--you have been warned of a tennis doubles match. Cut throat.)

Happy Birthday Bradley! Sorry the candles didn't change colors like the package said ;-( HAHAHAHA!! Love you to bits!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oliver's Big Weekend

Oliver is one month old! We have loved every minute of him! He is such a great, sweet baby and hardly makes a fuss unless he's hungry. We love him so much. This weekend was his baby blessing and a lot of his family came out to see him. It was beautiful. Thank you so much for everyone who traveled. It was AWESOME and SO much fun! I think Oliver stole a lot of hearts while he was here with his mini man charm and good looks.
Guess who's hiding in the big, crooked family picture...? Hmm, I wonder ;-)

Claire wasn't liking the pictures too much, so I thought I'd give her credit for this one. Pretty cute.

Overall I think Oliver will be very excited to hear the stories of his blessing when he is older. Namely, gallons of Cold Stone in our freezer, fun games, ugly picture contest (don't ask), yummy sandwiches, yummy restaurants, RED potato salad, and a good heap of hello dolly bars. Oh yeah--and a really great time with FAMILY! The best!