Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time sure does fly by

Wow! It seems like forever since we have updated our blog! Things are going well for the Stokes family here in Iowa. Bradley is really enjoying medical school and is doing really well so far. He even got a 100% on his first biochemistry test! Way to go Bradley! His favorite part of school so far is dissecting in the cadaver lab which is a little freaky but oh well! ha ha ha!

Meanwhile we have really come to like where we live. We have the best location that we have ever known since we are just 1 mile or so from the free way and 5 minutes of driving from a huge shopping mall with movie theatre, restaurants, and everything you could ever want to do. There are also some really pretty parks that we like to go to and take walks and pictures.

Ellen is also doing very well. She keeps herself busy and takes very good care of Bradley. All in all life is going really great and we are so excited for the big wedding of Nathan and Shaleena coming up in a few weeks! That will be so fun! Ellen took some awesome pictures today and when they are ready we will post them for all to see!