Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life is busy

We just went to Lacey's sacrament meeting talk before she leaves on her mission to Uruguay. It was very good to hear her speak and she did a great job. A lot of the family was there as well as many of Lacey's friends. The food was very good and we all rolled out of the door like the girl on willy wonka after chewing gum. We are sure that Lacey will be a great missionary.
Ellen also went to the emergency room this week because she was dehydrated (stomach issues...). That wasn't fun AT all. But the recovery is coming along. We also had to (finally!) get a new lap top because our other one was so ghetto fabulous you couldn't do anything on it unless you wanted to spend ten years doing it.
Well for now peace out and we will be in contact!! We mainly wanted to test out our new computer's ability to post a picture on our blog! Chau.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year . . . A new semester!

Well we made it through 2008!!! What a great year one of the best obviously since we got married in 2008. We are looking forward now to the great 2009 starting out with this new semester. Ellen can graduate in July by really putting in the effort. She has 20 credits this semester and 21 next semester in order to finish!! Good luck to Ellen!!! Bradley walked in graduation in December but is taking biochemistry and a psych class in preparation for medical school which starts in August. Ellen is also going to continue to tutor sociology and Bradley is working as an anatomy TA and teaching anatomy and physiology at the hospital in Blackfoot. All in all it will be a busy time for both of us.

We had a marvelous Christmas break eating everything from crab stuffed tenderloin to chicken and dumpling soup. We also ate from a selection of every sweet thing imaginable. Bradley got a sweet tool set along with some nice clothes and other fun stuff. Ellen was excited to get movies, boots, a fondue pot, and other stuff as well. Thanks to everybody who helped make our Christmas amazing. The Stokes parents surprised everybody by getting a Nintendo Wii for the family how exciting!!!!