Friday, March 26, 2010


I think I need to pinch myself because time is going by so fast! It seems like Spring would never come, let alone Spring Break. And now, our break is almost gone! We got back from Chicago yesterday and it was a blast! It is only a 5 hour drive or so from Des Moines, so we decided to try it out. We wanted to go have a little fun (meaning sleeping, eating, and going with the flow) one last time before the little guy comes into our lives.

The first night we stayed at the Wyndham hotel near the Magnificent Mile. We wanted the downtown experience, and it was great and fancy...except we've decided that fancy isn't always better. We sort of felt like we had to tip-toe around--never knowing when to tip, never knowing if we were doing the right thing. The vallet parking was a bit weird. Our room was really comfy. The breakfast buffet was to die for. The pool and hot tub were fun. But the fancy fru-fru just isn't our style. (Except for the linens on the bed...where did they get those?! I want some!)

Here's a picture of Bradley lounging on the really comfy bed. Yeah, he's enjoying himself ;-)

And California Pizza Kitchen was a block away...hello yummy.

Our second day in Chicago was whirls of fun. We went to Shedd's Aquarium and walked along the lake. It was such a beautiful day! I got to see my first dolphin, whale, and shark! The lines were long, the crowds were crazy, but we found ways to get around it and do our own thing. We even went to one of those 4D movies where they spray you with water, scare you, and fill the room with bubbles. I didn't really like it when they sprayed water on my face--I thought it was gross. But Bradley seemed to love every minute of it!
Here's us along the lake and by the skyline.

And me being silly rubbing my belly.

The lake is HUGE!

That's Navy Pier behind me.

It was almost like the ocean, but I'm still a loser and haven't seen it. So I pretended.

Holy Giant Anaconda!!!! It could probably eat Bradley like a little wanton.

Holy Giant Amazon Fish!!!

And us together outside the aquarium(it was difficult taking pictures together!)

The next day, we were at our AWESOME Holiday Inn which was just as nice as the Wyndham (in my opinion, that is. It had a fridge and microwave haha). Plus we didn't have to deal with the fluff. We decided to go to Alice in Wonderland at a very old theatre called the Pickwick. It was really fun! We also ate at an amazing sandwich place called the Potbelly. I thought it was funny considering the circumstances.

The last day we wanted to go to the Chicago temple and do some family sealings. It was a neat experience! Our little break was so fun even though I'm sad it went by so fast! Bradley and I both agree that we are happy to see Winter go! Finally!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

25 Weeks and Minnesota Madness

This past weekend Bradley had a fairly easy schedule in terms of studying, so I got the idea...let's go somewhere! And what better place to be than with family! It was a really spur of the moment thing, and it was so much fun! We went to Kris and Chuck's house and they totally spoiled us and showed us such a fun time! We ate so much good food and got a chance to catch up. So relaxing! We also had a chance to go to Mall of America. Although I couldn't ride any of the rides, I still had so much fun watching them and eating fun treats (Dip n' Dots, anyone?). Bradley was so excited to be on all the roller coasters like a "little two year old" as he just said to me. Haha. Here is a picture of the indoor theme park and a new/old picture of Kris, Chuck, Jessica, and little Rachel. We love how Rachel talks! So cute! And Jessica is so grown up and gorgeous! And, here's the ever-growing bump. I know, I look beyond tired and a little scarey--but look at that tummy! Honestly, it looks a little big to me like I just popped right out there! But I love being pregnant and feeling our little one kick and flop around. It makes me smile. And I think I might've got my first stretch mark today...haha. Bradley said its not one, but we'll see. Also, I know it sounds crazy, but I have been in a major nesting mood. All I can think about is organizing, cleaning, and getting things for the baby! Gah! I am so glad that Bradley is enjoying school and doing so well. He really has a knack for study skills. I see him so much every day! It is such a blessing. I was really scared that medical school would turn our relationship upside-down, but it is awesome! He's so excited to be a dad too. He likes to talk to my stomach, which I'm sure is more amusing to me than to our little guy haha. But it makes us laugh.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our FHE Discovery

While doing family history, this is what Bradley and I discovered...(click on the image for a bigger picture).

I don't know about you, but I thought that was...neat. And sorta...creepy?!!! Haha.