Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life or Something Like It!

Everyone! I am SO sorry that I haven't updated this is 1,000 years! I totally could've, I just plain forgot that we had a blog! What! So, let me catch everyone up on a few a few funny photos that I'm sure the closest friends and family will get a kick out of. (Everyone else will probably just think..."hmmm, weird.")

Anyways, life is awesome and we are gearing up to fly to Idaho for Thanksgiving! We are so blessed to be together! This past month has been great. Some of the Bennion bunch joined us for Halloween. I think Claire was just WAY more excited about that candy than anything else. If you know Claire, you'll understand! ;-) Love her! Also, Sam and Bradley decided to wear disturbing teeth (as you can see). I thought they were totally disgusting, but hey, guys apparently love that stuff?!

But WAY before Thanksgiving, Nathan and Shaleena got married and it was so awesome! It is strange to think that they used to be great friends in high school and now look at them all grown up! Here is a picture of us ladies holding up the groom! Check out the look on his face! He's a happy camper.

Bradley's doing super good in school. Lucky duck. Somedays I wish I had his brain! Hehe! But I count my lucky stars everyday that I was able to earn my degree in something that I am absolutely passionate about and will hopefully be able to use! Right now, I am trying to figure out which is the best option right now! But as everyone says, "You've got time." Well, I hope that's true! We love you all! Even you crazies who I haven't seen forever! Take care and remind me to update soon. I'm sure I'll have stories about pie.