Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Love

There are two things babies love: food and things that light up. Oliver started rice cereal mixed with juice, and man does he devour it! (Hence the unbreakable concentration.)

We weren't going to put up a Christmas tree this year because we won't be in town, but while Bradley was at church (I stayed home sick), I decided to surprise him and put it up anyway. Oliver has a hard time looking at all the sparkles. It looks like he just got out of a whirlpool when he stares at it too long.

Five-Year-Old Flying Lesson

Bradley went to church without me today because I was sick. The Primary lesson was supposed to be on the Resurrection.

"So, what can Jesus do for us that we can't do by ourselves?" (Looking for the Resurrection answer)

"Can Jesus fly?" One of them asked randomly.

"People can't fly." Another answered smartly.

"The only way people can fly is by hang gliding when you have to hang stuff on your arms and legs so there's no way for the wind to get through when we fly."

"I know some people who can fly. Batman and Superman."

"Yeah, but those aren't real people."

"I know how you can fly," another piped in. "If you don't understand the law of gravity you can fly. But if you do understand the law of gravity, you can't fly."

Then one of the students tried to levitate out of their chair.

"Look! I don't understand the law of gravity!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Windows are Covered in Goo.

We have a fly problem at our house. For weeks I was wondering where all these darn flies were coming in from. The weather has changed. Summer's gone. There shouldn't be house flies buzzing in at every moment.

Well after two weeks, I'd had enough. I was sick of smashing flies with an old Ensign magazine in windows and against our newly painted wall. I began wracking my brain for places they could be originating. Maggots, anyone?

I thought of Oliver's diaper pail. Nope. Not there.

The garbage? Perhaps an old lump of steak had fallen somewhere and had attracted the little nasties.

Then it hit me.

When we first moved into our lovely, brand new apartment, a bird nest had been built on a fire sprinkler on our deck. Birds had left a giant mound of poop in front of our sliding door and also...we THINK...a few little birdie eggs that DECOMPOSED.

Bradley went outside with an apron, gloves, broom, and a Walmart bag. He knocked the nest down, and BANG. Flies. Lots of them.

I'm still mortified. Every once in a while a little sick one still wanders in, begging for a snack.

Too bad we took his away. I just hope whatever was whetting his appetite was tied directly to the decomposing nest. If not...something seriously disgusting found its way into our sprinkler head.