Saturday, November 8, 2008

Change of plans

Someone once said that the only constant in this life is change. Well that is definitely true for the Stokes family! After some careful research Ellen realized that if she changed her minor to psychology and took a lot of credits in winter and spring that she could graduate this coming July. This meant that she would be done with school before we left for medical school. We were so excited!! This also meant that we no longer needed a place for her to study while Bradley is at medical school so now we are leaning more towards going to Des Moines Iowa in August. The school there is the one Bradley liked the most so that is exciting!
In other news Bradley's sister Lacey has been called on a mission to the Uruguay Montevideo mission which is the same mission as her dad! We are so excited for Lacey and wish her a huge congratulations.
Other than that school and work is as busy as ever but we are finding ways to have fun as we go through it all! We are very much looking forward to spending time in Colorado for Thanksgiving and being able to see all of the family there! We cant wait! Bradley is especially excited for all the pie! That is his favorite part!