Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer Fun, But School's In!!!

Hello Everyone! Bradley and I had a great last few weeks of our summer break! We decided to go on a weekend long date late in August and ended up going to an aquarium, the planetarium, shopping, The Melting Pot, and museums in the Salt Lake area! It was a ton of fun!

Last weekend we went camping in "unknown" territory somewhere Southeast of Rexburg! It was the greatest camping spot ever and boy did we eat some good dutch-oven food! Nathan and Andrea went with us and it was sooooo fun! We played lots of Bocce ball!

School started this week. Talk about a slam! Just kidding! We love school! Bradley is a the lead TA again in the Biology department and he really likes it! He's also teaching Anatomy and Physiology at the massage school in Blackfoot. I just got a job yesterday as the Sociology tutor...should be adventurous! Other than that we were able to go to the Parade of Homes today and see some over the top homes!