Saturday, February 27, 2010

23 Weeks!

Well, 23 weeks will be here tomorrow so I thought I'd post a new sassy side shot for the family (uh, but they are embarrassing)! I was going to wait until 24 weeks, but I think I grew! And thanks Mom for the maternity shirts! Totally sweeeeet!

Here is also my favorite ultrasound picture (so far). I just love the profile shots! It is totally fun to guess whose ears, eyes, nose, etc. he has! What do you think?! I think he might look like a little Bradley, but time will tell. He's also been kicking me like crazy and it is the best feeling in the world! I think he might be a chocolate lover like me. Everytime I eat it, he goes nuts!

Also, I know it is SUPER early but here is some of our nursery furniture (thanks Stokes!) You know who you are! I think it's soooo cute and fun and the best is that it was such a good deal! I decided to get white furniture because the room is so dark and tiny and I wanted to brighten it up.

So fun! I will try and update more often! One last is (finally) the Bennion family picture. I just figured out how to scan (no joke!) so here it is. We took this picture at the same place Nathan (my brother) and I used to feed the ducks when we were very tiny. At least I think that's what my parents said.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boy, Broadway, and Bling!

As most everyone knows, Bradley and I are expecting a BOY in June! We are so thrilled. For some reason, I just couldn't picture our first baby being a girl and we constantly referred to the baby as "he" even before we found out. Most of the people in our family also thought it might be a boy, so I guess its just meant to be! Everything looked fine on the ultrasound, so I'm hoping he'll come to us healthy and happy! We already have a name picked out, but we aren't going to share it until he gets here! I'll have to be careful though. I'm saying his name all the time I'm afraid it might slip!
As far as the pregnancy has gone, the first trimester (up until about 16 weeks) was pretty special. I felt really lousy and sick. It was hard not to get frustrated by the fact that I was drained of all energy and didn't like any food that Bradley suggested. But then 17 weeks came...and I felt amazing! It was like magic! Now I eat all the time and EVERYTHING sounds good! Here is a 20 week shot (although I'm 22 weeks). I haven't really grown that much since then so I think I'll wait until 24 weeks to post a new one.

On another note, Bradley and I went to the Lion King a few weeks ago! It was so fun! Des Moines is pretty unique in that its downtown is pretty much dead all the time, so traffic and parking were great! What a great Christmas present from my sweetie!

And finally, last night we went to DMU's Winter Gala. It was so exciting to have an excuse to dress up! Especially with the best date in the world, my husband!We went to dinner at Bravo Cucina Italiano and it was very scrumptious! The actual dance was kinda funny because everything was so fancy but then you had all of the non-LDS students drinking and dancing to the loudest band in the world and dancing very...uniquely. It felt like prom all over again except the drinks made everyone around us VERY happy haha. When we walked outside Bradley and I both thought our ears had completely shot, but it was fun to observe the craziness. The best part was the dessert bar and chocolate fountain and hanging out with our friends Dana and Brodi!

And here are the massive icicles that Iowa's winter brought us. I want Spring to come! And pronto! Loves!